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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  February 2, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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you watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. >> jon: on fox news watch. >> i think hillary will go down as one of finest secretaries of state we've had. >> jon: did abc squander time with the president and possible president. >> you must act. >> the gun debate heats up. the issue and focus on capitol hill and in the media. but is the coverage pushing an agenda, but skipping the facts and figures? >> our economy is facing a major hit and that is republicans in congress. >> white house and democrats play the blame game following bad news. did the media see the spin or did they get spun? >> how am i doing?
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>> ed koch passes leaving a legacy of straight talk. how does the media remember him? and the media circus hits the big easy. >> on the panel this week, judy miller, richard grenell, jim pinkerton and fox news political analyst juan williams. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. main thing i want to have a chance to publicly say thank you. i think hillary will go down one of finest secretary of states we've had. it's been a great collaboration over the last four years. i'm going miss her.
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>> jon: president obama and hillary clinton sharing a wonderful moment in prime time. 60 minutes interview getting raves and also criticism what could be a squandered opportunity to ask hard questions. cbs correspondent steve kroft reacted to the critics. >> i've been doing had these interviews with him since a few weeks before he declared his candidacy. so i covered him through the campaign and kept doing it in the white house, but i think it's a question of fairness. we have not -- i think we're not going to play gotcha and we're going to make him look stupid. we'll let him answer the questions. >> jon: that sound might be mike wallace rolling over in his grave. >> croft, candidate obama knows he can come and answer the questions.
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but the puff ball question, there are plenty have questions you can ask that are hard but ron fornay summed it up. it was like clinton and obama like a old happy married couple. they wonder if he will do that with vice president biden. >> here is what they wrote this week. it was something would you expect from the state run media. it was that kind of level of propaganda. 60 minutes was apparently being used as a campaign advertisement when there are problems all over the world. judy, was this a squandered opportunity? >> i think it was. i talked to him about that interview. he said, look, she had just had seven hours of testimony on capitol hill. i was not going to be able to draw her out any further on benghazi, but there were so many other issues he could have asked her about.
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one called it an embarrassing failure and what he did is compare to scott's interview with george bush which was staged 19 questions, like machine rattle attack. i compare that tha to early 60 minutes and is this a choice here we would have made. >> jon: let me read you something. most americans are cheering for them, meaning the obama and clinton and most americans wanted a softball interview. we have thus passed an important important tal. democrats are the regular guys, and conservatives are the weirdos. >> i think that is right. think if you were to check with people, they didn't think it was the moment to put the president and mrs. clinton on the grill with regard to foreign policy. they know what those people stand for.
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it is striking that the questions were softball. it was a love fest. i don't have any question about that. i will say this. news management in washington is do for everybody. i think back with mike with president reagan and the idea that they are not going to get answers to certain questions, with politicians, that is what they want. >> jon: we know you served as press spokesman, would 60 minutes have done that kind of interview with any of your bosses? >> no way. here is the missed opportunity. when you have the president of united states and secretary of state you have to corner them. you have to ask them about iran and negotiations and syria and what we're doing or not doing. why aren't we helping france in mali. the white house wouldn't be able to say, state department would
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give you more details or the state department will say that policy decision has to be made by the white house. that is the reason why political reporters shouldn't be reporting on foreign policy. >> jon: then the interview with the new republic in which he was grousing about this network. if a republican member is not punished on a bill of common interest then you will see more of them doing that. he is asking that we ask tough questions? >> here it is. new republic, the cover. he is not pleased. emperor is not pleased. the problem the s chris hayes made a lot of money, new publisher trying to revive a great institution is not doing it any favors by asking these
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softball, how do you feel about second term questions. let's tough here. if you are going to save it for a magazine.... >> it's possible that steve kroft will retire and chris hughes will take over. he has had a long career as well as in magazines. >> trying to be the chris matthews award now. >> hold on. because what john said is right. he took shots right here at fox. this happened before what he is supporter. chris hayes is a supporter. >> he was a major donor. >> this is truly a favorable, friendly environment. he says that fox is putting and rush limbaugh and right wing media is putting pressure on republican politicians and urging them to obstruct his agenda. i think this is very revealing.
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i don't know about you guys, but to me this tells you how this president views the media universe. i think this is longstanding campaign by the obama campaign to label fox as illegitimate and not a real news agency. >> alinski, isolated the enemy three years ago. >> that has been the pattern. >> i think they made some news. >> where is the push back from the mainstream media. you do not have to did he legitimize with people that you don't disagree. >> jon: and we have more bias reporting on the gun debate. >> america's gun debate arrives on capitol hill. both sides of the issue present their take on the topic, but did the media present both sides or did the coverage lean to the left? the answer is next on news watch. ♪
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>>. she would clearly have an adequate opportunity to protect her family. >> how can you say that? you are a large man. you are not a teenage tall man, you are not a young mother who has a young child with her. i am passionate about this position because you cannot understand. i not a woman stuck in her house having to defend her children. >> jon: one of memorable moments during the senate gun control hearing a confrontation between gail trotter and democratic senator sheldon white house. she got a lot of reaction. joe scarborough says she looked like a jackass. >> that would be liberal media
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taking her. she held her own. she got klob ird including jon stewart. the national rifle association should take note, she better spokesman pr them wayne and all the rest of those types. she made it personal. >> jon: even judy is nodding in agreement? >> i think wayne lapeer has done hawaii his cause a lot of harm, attacking background checks that he used to support and not seeming to care about the victims in this. i agree with you. she was much more effective. >> jon: what about gabrielle giffords? >> i think it was tremendous tv. someone who has a story and back story that the american people know and the halting manner of speech it was compelling tv. i think it was unfortunate that more lapere had to try to
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countered act it. it was abrasive in the prior press conference, he still acts as if, you guys are the ones who are in violation. you have no understanding what at lie play here. since we're month o news watch is a subject of great fascination that it never happened. there are conspiracy theories all over the west. are you kidding me? >> jon: speaking about newtown, there is a case of selective editing. neil heslin the father of a newtown massacre victim was testifying and here is how msnbc played his testimony. why anybody in this room needs to have one of these assault style weapons or military weapons with high capacity clips
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not one person can answer that question. >> please, no comments while mr. heslin is speaking. >> jon: here is what msnbc left out of that actual encounter. >> does anybody in this room can give me one reason or challenge this question why anybody in this room needs to have one of these assault style weapons or military weapons or high capacity clips? not one person can answer that question. >> please, no comments while
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mr. heslin is speaking. we'll clear the room. mr. heslin, please continue. >> jon: he asked the room for an answer and that part of it, his request was left out of the discussion. selective editing? >> all i can say, there they go again. there is a pattern, at that network there is a problem here. that was portrayed as the heckling of the father of the child that had been killed at newtown. it was bad editing. >> jon: i don't think anybody in that room would have traded places with that guy. though were fairly respectful when he put forward his question. they didn't say anything, but then when he said no one can answer it, they said second amendment. >> there was respect on both sides. >> he seemed fairly unfazed.
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>> absolutely. he said we can agree to disagree. msnbc says a father's grief interrupted by the cries of a heckler. they haven't apologized for this. this comes on the heels of andrea mitchell doctoring the romney video about the wawa sandwich and you had politico following andrea's rants and repeat without checking the facts. >> and trayvon martin the biggest example of that. >> that is clearly to me a violation. in this case, i thought the speaker was using a rhetorical device. i would not characterize it as heckling. >> jon: if you see something that shows evidence of media bias. tweet us. >> up next, the blh spins bad
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>>. consumer confidence overall has been rising but there is more work to do and economy is facing a major headline that goes to your point. that is republicans in congress. it's political brinkmanship that results in one primary victim and that is american middle-class. >> you wouldn't know that white house press secretary jay carney was doing spinning on the bad news of a surprise economic contraction he blames it all on house republicans. they are the ones that are responsible. >> obviously. >> this is a big story. it counters the inaugural narrative. now let's move on on gay rights
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and global warming and so on. "washington post" with the headline above the fold, g.d.p. shrank in fourth quarter. night before nbc news didn't touch it. they didn't use a word of any of this news. abc buried it inside about a story with the stock market going up. big news over and over again, your 401-k that is media bias of the highest order. >> jon: and we learned the unemployment rate inched up. >> what you see is a matter once you get into these stories, the economists making the case that this could be because defense spending went down sharply and there are all kinds of reasons for it. i think the "washington post" got it right buyer making the headlines and by media organizations saying we are fair and balanced under played a major development. >> i think it was fascinating when president obama was running everything was the fault of the
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president. now, he is in office it's the fault of the republicans and congress. >> it's unbelievable how the excuse making comes out of this white house. the media just follows. that is what is sad about this. unemployment goes up to 7.9 and the media says it's under 8. >> jon: another media icon passed away this week. mayor ed koch died early friday morning at the age of 88. compared to most politicians, he spoke his mind. "new york times" quoted when out among the people are facing a news media circus at the blue room. he was feisty that could not be pinned down by questioners and could outtalk anybody in the authentic voice of new york. do you agree? >> i do. the new york sun had a balanced tribute to him. basically pointed it on, describe himself as a liberal with sanity. that is very brave statement in
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new york, but also the question, how am i doing? it was twofold, yes, it is about me, right, but what do you think of me? that is the question. >> jon: he was a guy that wasn't afraid to take on tough challenges. >> she old school politicians that crossed the aisle. he would give it to the media whether they needed it. he would talk to republicans. when i was the spokesman for the u.s. ambassador u.n., he welcomed all four from the bush administration. >> imagine if he had been on twitter. [ laughter ] >> and he also has the capacity to challenge obama over israel. he had the power as the mayor of new york and get obama to react. >> that accent wouldn't have come across. >> jon: next on news watch the media swarmed the big easy.
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>> what's the dumbest question you've bfn asked today. >> i don't know. probably that one. >> it was it media day at the super bowl in new orleans. they made themselves available to hordes of r radio clowns. reporters from all over the world were sent there to report on the good, the bad, and the intoxicated. >> they basically have left the
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people walking around with this glazed look in their eyes. >> hey. >> like this one behind me. >> how are you doing? >> i'm from california. >> very nice to meet you. >> 49ers. >> you're going to do an interview with us? >> sure. >> we were just talking about here along bourbon street, the std rate. how long have you had an std? >> i don't have an std. >> why did you want to talk? >> oh, my goodness. >> i'm so sorry. >> are you serious? >> nothing to be ashamed of. >> i don't have an std. >> okay. >> i don't have an std. >> anyway, i've been taking care of that in my own little way. >> 49ers. >> yeah. she won't approach any more tv cameras. who do you like in the super bowl? >> super bowl. uhhhhhh. i think i'll be fair and balanced and say nothing. >> only one california team. >> big football fan, judy. that's ara


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